Amazing first birthday party ideas

It is quite obvious that you have made it through and that you have now vanquished all the hurdles in life, that were laid in front of you after giving birth to your child. Your baby has completed a year in this world, and it is time for you to bask in the glory of making it through and also to celebrate the little brat’s birthday. Since, there are two absolutely important occasions that you would want to celebrate on the same day, keeping in mind that you do not want to steal your baby’s thunder for the day; we have the perfect party ideas, which will knock the socks off the guests.

  • Let’s start by saying this, that for most part, your baby is not going to remember anything and the only way he will know that it was a lavish party is through the memories restored through the images. So it is of utmost important that you have a picture perfect occasion. The best way to celebrate your child’s first birthday is to make it unique and to make it themed in such a way, the way you would want to raise your child. For instance, if you desire you make your child be independent and be part of the camping facilities, theme the party in such a way. Get decors which would suit the occasion and then make tiny campsites for the toddlers to make their way through them. This way, they will be engaged in some activity giving you time off the ‘care-taking’ business.
  • The next idea is to make sure that the kids have enough activity lined up for them. You can build forts and aeroplanes, cut out from cardboards and fix them in a way, for the children to enjoy themselves. As for the beverage and the food, it’s for the adults, so knock yourself off. But the cake must match the theme, thus an automobile of sorts or aeroplanes are obviously the best options you can go for.
  • Animal themed or just wonderland or even ‘Neverland’ themed birthdays are the ones you would want to host. Because it’s not for the children who would enjoy this mystical world, but the adults too will have some magic in their lives. As party favours, there are always sugar cookies cut out in the shape of your favourite character and thus making it a huge hit.
  • Make memories rule the party. Just hold the entire last year and then splash them around in the party. The baby will enjoy it the most, to see the entire familiar faces and then it will also have the personal touch. Since photo-booth is such a big hit, you can always build your own DIY photobooth and as party favours give them these pictures and add some personal touch of your own. Simple, yet very interesting.

Knock yourselves out with ideas and make this party the most memorable one. To go to a length and make it amazing, you can always have an Adam and Eve party, it will be amazing for the kids who would just get the taste of the Eden around them and for the adults, well, and you’ll know what to do in the party. Bite through the apple and make it a huge success.

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